Flex Spending - ​Don't wait until it's too late!

Be sure to use your Flex spending. It can be used towards all products and services along with your insurance benefits.

No Insurance, No Problem ​

If you will not be using insurance, our current promotion offers a $50 discount off your annual exam. Please mention this promotion at your appointment to receive this discount.

$50 Off Sunglasses

Purchase an annual supply of contact lenses and receive a certificate for $50.00 off a pair of sunglasses.

If eyeglasses and sunglasses are purchased at the same time, we offer $50.00 off the second pair.
(This is applicable to all multiple pairs to which insurance does not contribute)

Back-up Glasses

​Every contact lens patient needs a pair of glasses with their current prescription. There are days that you cannot wear your contacts because of eye infections, allergies, or just needing to give your eyes a break from contact lenses. Eyes of Starwood offers glasses starting at $169 to allow you to have an inexpensive back-up pair of glasses.

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